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A Wonderful Time At The 2019 - Sembabule Annual Woman Of Valour Conference.

It was an arise and shine time for the Sembabule residents from being absent from their purpose. 
It was a wake up moment rising to shine from being silenced by situations.

Rising and shining from being stripped off their authority. 
The finger of GOD touched many, the broken hearted, the sick and the suffering. GOD used his servants to touch his daughters and his sons, in the SHE Conference, people interacted and socialized ate and drank together it was a wonderful time.

Ssembabule residents are wonderful people, Ssembabule women are great powerful women of Valour. They have a deep relationship with rich a relationship that the LORD is really using a big number of them to stand up for their society in prayer intercessions, helping each other in many ways.

At the 1st Annual Woman of Valour Conference in Uganda, married and unmarried women came together, had a wonderful time with Powerful servants of the MOST HIGH.

Pastor Jonathan from Iganga was the Guest plus other pastors from different places in the Country, prayed for the wonderful Women of Valour, discussed, socialized , talked much about the word of GOD.

Pastor Jonathan

The power of GOD was there to heal and deliver his Children. 
A lot of women and men were delivered from the powers of was a wonderful time and all thanks goes the ALMIGHTY GOD.

The Power of Praying Woman

A woman of substance, a woman of vision, a woman who has a rich relationship with her creator, a praying woman is a serious threat to the devil. She is a scare to the enemy.

Praying woman makes the impossible matters possible simply because she has a very rich relationship with GOD.

Esther is a woman of valour who is recorded in the book of Esther, the one who confidently stood up with strength to intercede for her nation.

Because of her devotion to her creator, she was able to win the king and led to the enemy falling in the trap he had laid for GOD’S people (Esther 7:10)

A praying woman is covered with favor. Esther the woman of valour who stood with confidence, woman of substance with full faith in GOD devoted herself to fast and pray so as to provoke GOD’S attention. Indeed she did touch GOD because he made what looked impossible possible. (Esther 5:1-5).

“It was an amazing time for SISTERS in CHRIST at Cross Connection International Ministries. Women of power came together and united in worship, learned and supported one another and were inspired to serve our LORD.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. “Romans 8:28.

When the kingdom ladies come together, something shifts in the spiritual rhyme. Esther together with other kingdom Women and men came together in faith and belief in GOD with a huge desire to see the hand of GOD moving. 

(Esther 4:16) they fasted and prayed in one accord and indeed they provoked the movement of GOD’S hand.

It is always time to get knowledge. When the Shes come together, Women were taught on how to deal with issues in marriages and life in general and how to handle their lives in CHRIST .

A time to ask questions and get answers from the wonderful women and men of GOD.

It is in the 3 days she talks that GOD used his people to give us the answers to the questions we carry … questions and statements that we always carry along that need some serious understanding and explanations.

A Woman of Valour _ a Woman of Strength woman of Substance _a woman of vision

You are fearfully made – (psalms 139:14) ,Great Product you are.

You are a Woman with no limits – nothing should hinder you. 

Remember, the company is as good as the product .no shame no failure. When you realize that he fearfully and wonderfully made you, you will release your unique latent, you will stand tall you will positively confidently walk with zeal to take over the world.

You were born to be great, you are a Woman of unique latent, and you can become what GOD created you to be. You can be a very powerful WOV successful in all and having Freedom to all as Esther the Lady who had a serious relationship with GOD, the one who derived her strength from the LORD ALMIGHTY she trusted her GOD so much that she was ready to die for her people.

For you to become a real Woman of Valour successfully, your relationship with GOD has to be very rich.

You have to believe that you deserve to be successful as a woman who loves GOD. This belief is one of the steps to being successful. Attitude matters. Your attitude is going to make you a successful woman of Valour.

Transform your life by having the right attitude. This principle will help to transform your life.

JESUS wants you to have the right attitude to win; your attitude can cripple your life. Your thoughts are powerful to either build you or break you.

Learn to have the right attitude to succeed; your mind has power to make things happen.

Learn to be Patient, forget your past, history can never help you fulfill your GOD ordained destiny; learn not to live in the past Forget it. Follow GOD’S order. The past can never be of use to fulfilling your GOD ordained purpose.

Control your mind (your mind is the powerful thing you have with you. your mind is powerful than the Holy Spirit)

Please note: GOD had a problem with people’s minds in exodus 13:17 – he fears the mind of people. Your mind can stop GOD. Attitude matters.

It was easy for GOD to rescue the Israelites from Egypt but it was hard for GOD to change their mindset.


This shows how great your thinking is.

It was easier for GOD to deliver them from the power of oppression of a human than to deliver them from the power of oppression of their thinking. It is easy for GOD to take you out of that hell marriage, relationship, scattered family, hell environment, tormenting job or a bad job but it is hard for GOD to change your thinking. If your mindset is crippled, it is hard for GOD to change it.

the Israelites saw many miracles from GOD But still never trusted him fully because of their mind; their minds were still in bondage. They were physically free from bondage but spiritually in bondage.

MIRACLES DO NOT CHANGE PEOPLE Women population is the biggest in church in the whole world. A woman searches for GOD more than a man; the question is what your attitude is? Are you after miracles? Miracles can’t make you a WOV. It is the way you think that makes you who you want to be or what HE wants you to be.

(The Israelites are a very good example of how miracles can’t change people …. This is the group in the bible that witnessed GOD”S miracle hand) they saw GOD’s hand in an extraordinary way, they witnessed the wonder working power of GOD, and they saw the mastery of the creator to all creations.

Shoes getting old for 40 years, Food from the sky, Healing of disease ( looking at the stick),Guidance of the pillar, Water from the the book of (EXODUS 13:17) shows you that their minds were crippled.

GOD never changed his promise to them however crippled their minds were. (Joshua 5:6). 

GOD kept them wondering until all of them were dead because they had not obeyed the LORD. they wouldn’t change their mindset.

No matter what GOD promises you, if your mind can’t handle it, you won’t get it.

Your mentality determines the fulfillment of GOD’S promise in your life. As big as God’s promises in your life are, they depend on your attitude. The Israelites never changed their minds, so he kept them alive to get what was in their get the next generation who will be able to fulfill GOD’S purpose for Israel. Who will be able to reach the land that he had promised. the ones who have no memory for Egypt, the ones who have no slave mentality.

The formal Israelites were conditioned to be servants, to be slaves; they had a servant’s mentality. They were conditioned for service industry they were controlled by the oppressor he protected them. Their life style couldn’t handle deliverance.

GOD saw it that if they face war (Exodus 13:17) they will change their minds. And indeed he couldn’t change their mindset.

GOD keeps his word and he always fulfills it. He fulfilled his promise through the next generation, the generation that came after the 40 years in the wilderness.

The Israelites were victims of mental and historical conditioning; they refused to change their mind that is why they never qualified to enter the land that was promised by GOD. 

Prophet. Kiyaya Steven (Cross Connection International Ministries)

Look at how powerful your mind is, all you ever dream of, all you want to accomplish, and all you want to be can all happen to you WOMAN depending on your attitude.your attitude matters, you can be what GOD wants you to be if you change your attitude. Your marriage can be the happiest you desire depending on your attitude.

Do not cling on the past. you have gone through a lot, your heart was wounded, it was broken, when GOD comes through for you, you do not cling on the past, you need to set your mind in a direction of Freedom because that is his desire for you. change your attitude.

The Israelites allowed the atmosphere to create their attitude. they were physically relocated, intellectually formulated, but they were spiritually paralyzed. Your past or what you went through should not prevent you from becoming what you want to be.

When GOD takes you out of something put an attitude that will take you to a place where HE will fulfill his purpose for you. You don’t cling on your history and expect GOD to fulfill his promise for you.

Changing location does not change the mentality. You can take people out of the bad situation but you cannot take the bad situation out of them. Information does not bring transformation, conversion does. 

Nothing changes in your life until your mind changes.when you change your thinking or your thoughts things will start falling in the positions you desire.  
Remember cicumstances can’t be controlled but you can control your own thoughts you can find yourself in a situation it can be a bad marriage, relationship, work(where you are badly abused) that does not prevent you from becoming who you are if your thinking is defferent. do not allow to be held back. what you think you are not holds you badly back, if you think you are not worthy,it is dangerous, if you think you cant be in a good marriage because of your history you will be held back.

You will be held in an unhappy marriage if you think you can’t have a happy marriage due to you past circumstances.

Your attitude will determine the position want to be in.

The Israelites suffered from a broken spirit. a lot of people are suffering from a broken spirit. Remember bad happenings are not after making you to just feel bad, they are after breaking your spirit. 

When a person oppresses you he is not after enslaving you, not after you working for them, not after you being unhappy in that relationship or marriage. no, he or she is after breaking your spirit, after breaking your heart, after breaking your mind, his target is to wound you and break your heart/spirit.

some issues from partners in marriages, relationships, working environments are not after torturing they are after breaking your spirit.