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A Great Time As The SHE Global Team Visited AGAPE Church Gogonyo Which Is Found In Pallisa District In Uganda.

We Had A Great Opportunity To Minister To These Women, Men & Children In This Church. The Worship and Praise Team is So Great. We Were Amazed With The Great Music In The House Of God & We Couldn't Stop Dancing To This Lovely Instrument Called 'Adungu' There Is A Lot Of Talent In This Church And We Really Give All The Glory And Honor To God For The Powerful Anointed Musicians We Met.

The Church Service Was Very Powerful, Had A Very Great Time With These Lovely People And God A Midst Us As We Shared the word Of GOD.
We Loved the Hospitality Spirit in the People of Pallisa, the Display of GOD given Talents was Amazing. songs, culture instrumentals, unique sounds made to glorify the Almighty was all amazingly wonderful. the youth team who play cultural instruments were truly amazing, boys and girls who play the Adungu instrument as well as singing blessed us so much. We loved the team leaders, the cooperation we saw and the teamwork was really a GODLY matter. 

Pallisa People are on fire for GOD and The SHE GLOBAL team cannot wait to come back to Pallisa for a well long enough time to celebrate our LORD GOD together, ready to impact each other Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically.

Ezekiel 28:19 You are Gone, Gone Forever and all the Nations that had Come to know you are terrified, afraid that they will share your fate.
The LORD Indeed has Anointed and Blessed HIS Own to Worship and Praise HIM, to Fill that Gap of Worship and Praise, The devil is gone and gone forever it is time to Celebrate our LORD the Creator.

Worship and Praise is our Part To Take. The LORD Has Blessed and Anointed The Pallisa People, we saw the hand and touch of GOD the culture feel of Pallisa instruments was amazing we thank and bless the LORD for that so Much that he has reserved HIS Own in the Eastern Part Of The Country Uganda.

We So Much Thank This Powerful Woman Of God Pr. Anna Otede the Overseer of Agape Church for Giving us the Opportunity to Interact with GOD'S people in Pallisa. An anointed Powerful Woman of GOD. So Actively on Fire for GOD. 

Pr. Anna Otede - AGAPE Church Gogonyo, Pallisa - Uganda

We Pray That May GOD Keep Using You Because We Have Really Witnessed The Great Work You Have Done At Your Church, May The Good LORD Bless You So Much. We Can't Wait To Come Back Here Again.
This Was Indeed A Sunday To Remember.

You Take An Exclusive Look At What Happened On The Video Bellow.