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WOVC 3 Days In Sembabule.

With Faith, Oh yes the great three days Woman of Valor Conference in Sembabule Uganda were so impactful.
We thank GOD for His mighty touch on the people of Sembabule and to the people who were tuned in to the She Global Radio. 

With faith as the conference theme, people’s lives shifted to another level. GOD Brought Great ministers from different parts of the country together at the cross connects the world - Cross Connection International to touch the people of Sembabule.

Women reminded of the power they have with faith, when you look at biblical women, the biggest number of them impacted the world with faith, and look at Mary Magdalene, with faith, this young lady carried the hope of the world. 

Patience Percie Mbowa - Founder - The She Global

Hannah with faith offered her only son for the sake of the Almighty and he became a great powerful anointed man of GOD. With faith Esther helped the entire nation not to perish. With faith and love the ladies followed Jesus until he resurrected- there is a mention of a woman in the journey of Jesus from birth to resurrection. 

Pst. Stephen Kiyaya - Host - Cross Connection

With faith, we can conquer all that is conquering wrongly. Pastor Anna Otedde together with Pastor Robert, Pastor Solomon Cater, Pastor David and other ministers taught deep on what faith is, on what parents can do to light up the destinies that are in their hands with faith. With faith you can change your family, with faith you can be better, look at the woman with the issue of blood, with faith she received healing ‘Woman, Your Faith has healed you said Jesus’. 

Pst. Anna Otede

Faith, as things or something hoped for though you do not see them is a powerful tool everybody needs in life. Hebrews 11 details faith as one of the powerful tool our for fathers had that helped them conquer. Romans 4 speaks of our father Abraham being a faithful giant in history who by faith became the father of all nations and by faith he became a dominator of the earth of which by faith we also partakers. 

Pst. Solomon Carter

We heard a lot of testimonies all backed by faith from Psalmists, gospel artists like Rebeccah Mbowa, Pastor Betty, Pastor Violet Kwagala , Prince David & Damascus Da OB who ministered with their testimony songs praising and worshiping GOD For His goodness. 

We believe that with faith, Sembabule believers shifted to another level some of them gave testimonies of realizing their calling or their parts in ministry. Testimonies of healing from diferent stubborn situations like epilepsy, blood issues, heartaches, headaches, spiritual pains, physical pains and many others. 

Pst. Robert Tazuba

We bless the Lord for the far He has brought us and the far he is taking us in his work, we hope to be traveling to more places around the country Uganda, Africa as the continent and to other places of the world as he orders to touch his people. 

Pst. David Mwesigwa

All thanks to those who attended the conference and thanks to the people who stood with us to make it a success. Great thanks to the Most High who sends and guides us always.

We pray that with faith, all goes well with you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope to fellowship with you again in the next episode of GOD’S Work with The SHE Global.