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Our 3 Days In Ssembabule's 3rd Annual WOVC.

Blood-line Issues Are a limitation. The 3rd Annual Woman Of Valor Conference in ssembabule - Uganda went down powerfully and we bless the Lord for the enlightenment on Bloodline issues. GOD touched his children. deliverance took place healing took place we thank GOD.
Powerful ministers, teachers of the word were used by God to teach truth, glory be to GOD. 
Our 3 Days In Ssembabule's 3rd Annual WOVC.

We had A powerful woman of GOD from Nairobi Kenya Noreen Karimi who graced the conference with the powerful presence of GOD. a phenomenal woman who has seen GOD work in Her life and is ready to be used to embrace women globally. 

Noreen Karimi - Guest
We had Pst Betty Munyo Gwe'nsi a great psalmist who also graced the conference and blessed the She Being through her great psalms. Pastor Betty shared a Blood line issue that was on Abraham,Isaac and Jacob the issue of bareness. 
Pst Betty Muyno Gwe'nsi - Guest

Sarah was barren, Rebekah was barren , Rachael was barren this moved from generation to generation. The bible says that Jacob prayed and pleaded to GOD for Rachael to have a child and indeed she conceived. You can break from a blood line issue it is possible.. nothing is impossible for GOD.

We had Percie Patience who went deep into a discussion of what is bloodline, what is a curse. If you do not know the root cause of any issue, you will never break through. When you know the problem, you have known the solution for it. We thank GOD that we were awakened in these 3 days. We now know how to deal with issues that have glued on us - bloodline issues. Learning Not to be comfortable in a bloodline issue. 
Percie Patience - Founder Of The She Global
You do not have to be like your father , grannies , unties and uncles in matters that do not please GOD and matters that do not give u happiness. For example Bloodline illnesses, death at early age , habits like drunkenness, smoking, cancer ,stealing, eye sight issues etc. because your relative had it or have it, do not get comfortable with it thinking its normal in family. That is a bloodline issue that needs to break and end with you. 

Pr. Kiyaya Stephen - Host - Cross Connection International Ministries

Pastor Elizabeth From Mbarara- butelaniro was live with group of women who traveled miles to reach the venue expecting a touch from GOD. Pastor Elizabeth outlined bloodline matters one by one, breaking them bloodline boundaries, uprooting, cutting, burning,
And destroying it. It was a warfare that set many women free. Where many are gathered, our Lord is always in their midst, we thank GOD for being with us especially in this breaking of bloodline ugly matters. 
Pr. Elizabeth - Guest

We had Lady Lilian Givens from H&G Phama medic solutions uk, she shared her life story. A story that started rough and ended good. Some ugly situations lead us to a great deals. Bad news can turn into good news. She was admitted to the hospital with different issues including covid-19 and by the grace of GOD she got better and got connections of different persons in hospital, some who were doctors who collaborated with her to come up with a company that brings solutions to healthy issues like covid 19, cancer, reaching out with hospital equipment etc. You can never tell GOD’s Will. 
Lady Lilian Givens - Guest
Lady Beatrice Timusiime a powerful Woman Of GOD graced the conference with the word of GOD.touching and speaking to us on what and how the heart is affected by issues.and how the heart gets healing. It was a wonderful moment and we thank GOD so much for His presence. 
Beatrice Timusiime - Guest

The Pastor to Cross Connection international ministries Ssembabule district uganda Pastor Kiyaya Stephen was used mightily to point out serious bloodline issues that affect us. It was an awakening moment and we bless the Lord For setting us free.
Testimonies of healing ,salvation, deliverance are flooding and we continue to glorify the name of our LORD. 
Our 3 Days In Ssembabule's 3rd Annual WOVC.

The Other She Global projects were active too to embrace a woman. The She Global Skills Project TSGSP in collaboration with Street Fam Foundation skilled women on how to make Liquid soap and on how to make re-usable pads. 
Street Fam Foundation Team - Guests
Maka pads was in place under The She Global Pads Project. Lady Beatrice a representative from Maka pads spoke to women on Menstretion management, how to use pads etc
Our 3 Days In Ssembabule's 3rd Annual WOVC.
We had many women displaying their God given talents and it was amazing. Dancing , Singing and Drama.
We looking forward to embracing each other more by the grace of GOD through all The She Global Projects. 

Our 3 Days In Ssembabule's 3rd Annual WOVC.
Great thanks go to those who are supporting/ donating to this work of GOD Globally. May the LORD Bless You so much
We have up coming events that will be detailed to you with time. GOD Bless You, We Love You.