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The Powerful 4 Days WOVC In Sembabule Uganda.

It was heaven on earth at the Woman Of Valor Conference (WOVC) Uganda where women from different walks of life came together to uplift and empower each other spiritually and physically.
The Powerful 4 Days WOVC In Sembabule Uganda.
Powerful servants of GOD came together from Different nations to be used by God to make a deference in the territory. Through testimonies and the word of GOD. Women were inspired motivated and empowered by God Through
Pst Pamela Short - USA, Pst Noreen Karimi - Kenya, Pst Donna - USA, Prophetess Proxedes - Kenya, Pst Shelley Ball - USA, Min Percie Patience - Uganda, Pst Judith Ninsiima - Uganda, Pst Bentley from kenya was among the guests, Pst Elizabeth Twolobe - Uganda, Min Adrine from Bushenyi Uganda.
Pst. Donna Benton Lowe
We had powerful praise and worshipers / Gospel Artists live at the Conference, the atmosphere was heaven on earth and we bless the Lord So much for using Rebeccah Mbowa, Pst Betty Nakabiito, Damascus Da OB, Pst. Richard Omrich. and many others from Kampala, Mbarara, Masaka, Ssembabule, Kenya Pulling and pinning messages of forgiveness.

Did you know that most heartbreaks, sicknesses and many physical pains and spiritual pains are a result of unforgiveness?
Prophetes. Praxedes

Forgiveness leads to healing of the body and soul. It is the key to open heaven and to open those closed doors. when we forgive, Our Father in heaven Forgives us too. 

Pst. Pamela Shortt

There is too much unforgiving because of the hurts and pains caused, but by the grace and mercy of God the broken hearts were touched and mended /healed, God healed the broken spirits and bodies, people received Jesus we bless the Lord for the souls he saved.

The Powerful 4 Days WOVC In Sembabule Uganda.
We were reminded of God’s love, His Presence in us. And always to know he has our back always.

Knowing your purpose in life helps you make a Difference in this world for the glory of God to be manifested. Esther realized her purpose and risked her life for God’s mission or purpose for her to be fulfilled.

Pst. Shelley Ball
Mulodocai as the father figure of Esther was used by God to help Esther fullfill her purpose and destiny. There will be always a mulodocai in your life.

We were also reminded that prayer is the key to breakthroughs, you can pray from anywhere you are and God responds. Jonah prayed from the belly of fish and God heard his prayer and he answered him.
Min. Percie Patience

The bible says when Jonah prayed, God Spoke to jonah’s trouble / problem which was the fish and the fish vomited him. If you pray, God will speak to your trouble to release you. Any thing that God created can hear his voice. God spoke to the fish and it heard and it vomited jonah on the shore. Jonah 2:10 And the LORD spake unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land.
God will speak to your trouble.

Min. Noreen Karimi

The She Global Pads Project and skills project was active too to reach out to a woman. It is a blessing to serve God’s other children, let us come together and make a difference together we can do it well because it is not good for man/human being to do it all alone.

We thank all who supported us to reach women in the pads project, internet data, transportation, communication, well-fare etc... GOD Bless You so much. 

The Powerful 4 Days WOVC In Sembabule Uganda.
We having more summits coming soon please join us to do God’s work and you will be blessed. GOD Bless You