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About Us - The She Global

"A Woman Of Purpose"

The She Global is a global Sisterhood empowerment initiative that focuses on a she being through moves that help her realize that her destiny is not in her shelter. Arise and shine and do whatever GOD has put in her. Letting her know that she is the shining light to the generation.

This Female global movement The She Global was visualized and started in 2019 with a mission of pushing and encouraging that woman to have passion in whatever GOD puts in her heart and to also have confidence and trust in the LORD (John 5:14) because HE alone makes us whole.

Encouraging women to stand together with the goal of knowing who they are in the kingdom of the Highest GOD which will help resolve the issues affecting them across all cultures and bring a positive impact to the SHE world globally leading to a great living of a female being spiritually and physically healthy and empowered.

Reaching her through annual conferences, seminars /summits, workshops, held in different parts of the world with a unique exclusive inspirational emphasis on spirituality, aiming to educate, inspire, encourage, transform, motivate and uplift them to embrace their Womanhood, Self-love and self-discovery.

To See A Positive Difference In A She Being.

Reaching Out To A Woman In All Aspects That Affect Her.

Empowering Women To Create A Social Positive Change.