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Woman Of Valor Conferences

The She Global Screams more to let that woman know that she is the shining light to the generation. Letting her realize that she is Success and she is a real wonder woman who can stand and no mountain can successfully stand before her.

The She Global drive aims at talking to that woman through annual conferences, seminars /summits, workshops, together with her daughter initiative THE WOMAN OF VALOR CONFERENCE held in different parts of the world, where women meet with a unique exclusive inspirational emphasis on spirituality, aiming to educate, inspire, encourage, transform, motivate and uplift women to embrace their Womanhood, Self-love and self-discovery.
Woman Of Valor Conference
This daughter initiative to The She Global also aims at letting women stand together with the goal of knowing who they are in the kingdom of the Highest GOD which will help resolving the issues affecting women across all cultures through supporting each other hence making a positive impact to the SHE world globally through woman to woman talks and Leading to a great living of a female being, healthy and empowered.